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Adventures Into Darkness

Thanks for checking me out. I have been in the music business all of my life, and in comics since the early nineties. Recently, I decided to undertake some projects involving the use of sequential art (comics) and music in the treatment of depression and addiction.

In order to continue with this work, I need to raise some capital, and so I am selling off some of a large collection left to me by John Swain in 1991.

John left me with some extremely rare and highly sought after titles, and I am now offering them to you.

These are all original and have been boxed and bagged for over twenty years. They have been handled only once, in the scanning process.

They range from pretty trashed, to VG to a few VF+ copies. I know that some of them are in less than pristine shape, so they’re priced accordingly. Offer me a fair price, and I’ll be glad to see that you get one that you can retouch, or just enjoy.

These are obliviously not for the casual collector. Anyone even bidding on these has serious time and money wrapped up in sequential art. If you know what you’re doing, then you’ll know what a reasonable offer is, and I’m not opposed to a quick sale of the whole lot of them.

Also, I have numerous EC reprints, complete Mint runs of Sandman, Doom Patrol, as well as assorted Silver Age and one-offs.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed. This is a highly specialized market, and I assume you know the drill. If you have serious difference of opinion on my grading, please speak up, we can work it out. All positive feedback is appreciated.

As I’ve said before, this money is going to fund research on creative a therapy, including music and sequential art. If you have any doubt as to the validity of comic books as art, I suggest you read “Comics and Sequential Art” by Will Eisner.

-…and finally, Jack Davis went to high school with my mother. I have the 1940 yearbook that he illustrated. This is a one-of kind piece, price accordingly.

Enjoy, and feel free to mail me with any questions… good luck!

Rev. Billy C. Wirtz